Thursday, August 2, 2007

Outsource Web Design India

Web Design and logo design is the most important aspect of a company website. A visually appealing website is more likely to attract attention of a casual visitor than a poorly designed one. A good design may not always be heavy on graphics. It is more to do with the layout and using the right color combinations. In fact, the colors should be as per the theme of the website.

Web design involves basic understanding of the theme and purpose of the website. Accordingly, the designer has to chose the color scheme, the layout and the images to be put on the website.

Website designing requires a lot of innovativeness and an artistic bent of mind. Sometime one can achieve much more by intelligently using certain effects like image rollover, image swapping, frames etc. A number of tools are now available to the designers and the list is ever increasing. There are specialized tools for creating various types of special effects.

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular tool which is being used by website designers. The layout is first prepared and then it is sliced and HTML pages are created. For making animations, flash is the most popular software. Concepts like CSS are used so that the website retains the same look and feel throughout the pages of the website.

Outsource Web Design is a global offshore outsourcing company with marketing offices in Dallas and web design studio in India.

Website designing has now become an independent industry in India. There are a number of organizations who just do website designs and prepare templates. Anyone can chose these templates and then get their own website designed as per that design. This saves a lot of time as well as effort. The templates are available based on the graphics content, purpose of the sites, animation etc.

Company provides all Ecommerce solution such as outsource web design, web template, cheap logo design and SEO services in India. Website designing is a job, which can be easily outsourced, as the skills required are graphics related rather than programming related. It is also easy to judge the quality of work as it can be checked visually and in a very short time. Apart from the website design a lot of work related to logo design and banner design is also being outsourced.

Graphics designing is a more general term which includes not only website design but also ad design, brochure design etc. Then there are 2d, 3d animations, film and cartoon related graphics work such as 3d gaming, high end morphing and transformations.

India has emerged as a major destination for all work in the area of graphics and website designing. There a lot of companies in cities like New Delhi and Chennai who are engaged in this type of work. The work being done is of really high standard and at a fraction of the price.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

How to Choose a Web Site Designer

It seems that everyone from the 15-year-old kid to their Grandmother is able to design a web site these days. You could also build the site yourself using a word processor or other web site program; however if you choose this route, plan on spending quite a bit of time learning, to get your site to look professional.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Simplicity is king in Website Design

We like to be complex in many aspects of our lives. We desire the latest electronic gadget, the most advance technology in our new car, the state-of-the-art digital camera. However, when it comes to web visitors browsing habit, nobody has time for complexity and we all want to find what we want online in the shortest possible time.

What does not mean for web design companies? Why do some web design companies still propose complex web design solutions to their clients? We live in an age where nobody’s got time. We are busy or so we like to think. So much information, so little time. So we zap through web pages expecting to find exactly what we want as quickly as possible. Why not? There are so many web pages out there. The average web surfer spends less than 10 seconds on a web site. If the web design is the least bit complicated or non intuitive, we are off to the next web site. If 10 seconds is all you have to impress your online customer, what sort of web design do you require to make an impact? The most flashy? May be not. Try simplicity and familiarity. If you want to impress busy people who are short of patience and time, try the simplest web design you can put together. It is not surprising that Google is one of the most successful web designs in the world. How many people use the advanced search button on Google?

The simplest Web Design solutions work. His does not mean that the back end of the web site need to be simple. You can have the most complex content management system; the most comprehensive feature set in your web design, but keeps the front end, the interface as simple and intuitive as you can. Simple can mean different things to different web designers. Where do we start when putting together a simple and effective web design? Try Google heat map guide on where to place adsense on a web page. Granted it is disputed but it is a starting point for positioning the most relevant and poignant information on your web page. Next try a simple navigation, vertical left or horizontal top. Many people like fancy stuff. There is nothing wrong with a bit of flash on a web design. However, avoid changing too much from the conventional paths. We all talk of change and recognise its benefits but we are animals of habit and we would rather go along the same easy path rather for hunt for new ways of getting somewhere.

This principle applies in web design. Online visitors are used to navigating in a certain way. Change the path on your web design and you could make it too hard for your potential clients. Keep it simple, keep it short and familiar. True, it does pay to design complex features into a web design. The more gadgets and flash, the more web design companies can charge for your web design. Some web design customers even want complex designs. It’s instinctive to think that the more money you spent on your Web Design, the more it will pay back. This is not always the case. Sometimes the simplest features, the more basic web design yields the most benefit.

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Website Design for Corporate Companies

One of the basic principles of marketing is market segmentation. Matching the right product and services to the right market is critical. This certainly applies to the web design business and industry. There are obviously several market segments in the web design business, let alone the IT business in general. There is on the one hand the lower hand of the market i.e. the discount web design market. This web design market consists primarily of small businesses and one man bands who have either just started their business. We are here talking of companies or individuals who have a limited budget to spend on their web design, so price is definitely an issue. On the other end of the market there are the corporate companies who have the budget but have very different needs in terms of web design. Trying to sell to each one of these web design markets requires a different approach. How do we then sell to corporate companies?

A large and medium business looking for a web design company will probably use similar keywords if they are using search engines. Web design and web site design are the most popular keywords, so go for these in your adwords campaign and search engine optimisation. Corporate web design customers will however expect to find a potential web design supplier whose web site design projects a corporate and professional look.

The supplier’s web design look and feel is therefore a key factor. After all and like it or not, first impressions count. What is this corporate web design look and feel? If you are not sure, look at some of the corporate web sites. Look at Nokia’s web site for instance. Professionalism is obvious. Well groomed design, a bit of flash animation, not many colours. Certainly no spelling or design mistakes. The corporate web design requires particular attention to details.

Obviously the products or services on offer through the web design will to a large extent determine this look and feel. Corporate identity and the company’s ‘voice’ needs to come across loud and clear through the web design. Use of colours, logos, trademarks, corporate figures on the web design will usually achieve this corporate look.

Whilst budget and discount web design companies would show their prices on the web site, corporate web sites need not show your web design prices. Remember we are not necessarily selling to a price sensitive audience here. Showing your price on the web site might actually put potential corporate customers off your web design services. Price it too low and your potential corporate customers might think that your web design services are not good enough. You would be surprised by what some companies are wiling to pay or have been charged for web design work. Although your potential customers will want to have an idea of cost from the outset, I would not actually show my price list on my corporate web site.

Once the customer goes past your web site and decides to enquire about your web design services they would expect to be greeted by a professional team. Make sure your sales team, even if it’s just you, come across as being professional. Corporate customers expect to treat with corporate web design companies. These might not necessarily be large companies but professionalism and track record is a must. Telephone manners, the quality, value and timelines of your quotes are crucial. You have no room for error when you are dealing with people who expect to pay for an excellent web design product and service.

The corporate web design market is certainly a lucrative one. If you are used to servicing the discount web design market, you need to think twice and prepare for a different web design package offer. You will need to invest into designing your own web site for a more corporate look and feel. You will also have to look into training your sales staff and your internal communication processes so that you come across as a corporate web design company yourself.

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Importance of Content in Web Designing

Content available on a web page is nothing but the information or products, which you want your visitor to come and see or purchase the products and any images that is been used to assist that objective. Written information is one best way and is very easier to read for visitor when it is broken up into short, concise paragraphs. You further need to do your best to use high-class grammar and spelling. Run your information by using spellchecker in a word document before your page is uploaded. You don’t need to retype all, just use your right mouse button for copy and paste.

Any time you willing to use images or graphics in or around your content information or products descriptions try to use as small images as possible. Also, refrain from using too many images on any one page because both larges images and too many would considerably slow down the loading time for the web page. You need to remember that your visitor would only wait for about 30 –40 seconds for a page to load before they become impatient and goes for another search.

Using image resize tool for uploaded images is a good idea to resize bigger or smaller images. These tools are adequate for most resizing requirements; however, extreme resizing from very large to very small image or vice versa could be a bad idea because it may result in loss of some detail in the image. One can obtain better result if you resize them first using a quality image-editing program on your computer and then go for uploading your websites.

It is good idea to break up your products into various groups within your catalog to help your pages from being affected by too many images. Even if you sell only one type of products but you have 50 variations of it, you could still use multiple pages by organizing them into categories; for example “Product Name 1”, “Product Name 2” etc.

Lastly, there are various things you could add to your website to spark it up. Things like banners, flashing or graphics, animations or colored text, etc. There’s a saying when it comes to web designing world that is, “Just because you could add something, it doesn’t mean that you should.” Remember as you choose items to put on your site and it would in-turn help you to keep your website looking professional.

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